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The Trilogy Beef Community

For generations we have been taught that 'it takes a community to sustain a community.' Whether it's raising hard-working and respectable kids, lending a helpful hand to a neighbor, or helping to produce local food, these are the founding principles of the Trilogy Beef Community.

What is Trilogy Beef Community? 

The Trilogy Beef Community is a local food network that delivers a New Mexico produced and harvested center-of-the-plate beef supply to families in New Mexico.

Trilogy Beef is a process-verified, local supply of USDA-inspected New Mexico beef raised in a comfortable, pasture-based environment, and selectively finished on grass or locally produced grain sources. Our pastures are managed using natural and organic-certified grazing and cropping systems. An entire process free of synthetic feed ingredients, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Furthermore, our beef is free of injectable or feed-grade antibiotics and contains no added growth hormones.

Who is Trilogy Beef Community? 

The Trilogy Beef Community is a small, integrated community of New Mexico beef producers whose families share a storied, multi-generational history in NM agriculture.  In addition to managing the beloved and sacred natural landscapes of New Mexico for generations, the families of the Trilogy Beef Community share a symbiotic passion to feed locally-grown food to NM families. 

The fabric of the Trilogy Beef Community includes a network of direct consumers who share a similar trilogy of stewardship as it relates to the care and protection of natural resources and the environment, the humane care and welfare of all animal life, and a deep connection and a living-compassion for the well-being and health of all people in local communities. 

Collectively the Trilogy Beef Community is focused on ensuring that current and future generations of NM families have a secure, safe, and healthy food supply all grown locally by a neighbor down the road.

The Trilogy of Our Beef

In addition to a safe, quality, and consistent beef eating experience, Trilogy Beef Community is focused on doing our part to help build a more secure and safe, local food supply. ‘Keeping it local’ is part of our vision to strengthen the rural ag communities of NM, and do what we can to reduce the carbon footprint of our beef supply.  We are blessed to raise all of the beef in New Mexico and be able to harvest locally in Moriarty, NM under federal USDA inspection.

Extra-Steps During COVID-19 

Our primary goal is to ensure your family receives a safe, wholesome, and quality beef eating experience today and everyday. As we aim to minimize COVID-19 in our local communities, rest assured that Trilogy Beef is focused on doing our part to ‘bend the curve.’ We are diligently implementing recommended social-distancing and sanitizing practices to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at all points on the ranch, during harvest, and through product delivery.


Coming Soon

We can't wait to share all of the story - that includes the land management, the cattle care and management, and the local network of families involved in the day-to-day operations- of the Trilogy Beef Community. Check back soon as we bring more of our story to this store front.  

In the meantime, feel free to browse and shop on our online store and send any questions about our products, delivery locations, and delivery times to or call (505) 927-7935.